August 22, 2014

Seashell Chronicles 8/18

Welcome to the Seashell Chronicles where I post random beach pictures, random thoughts, and random links to random stuff around the web.

DSC_0525 - Edited

Beach Happenings

The problem with my beach happenings section is there haven’t been any beach happenings worth blogging about. I walk the dogs morning and night, I take pretty pictures of sunrise and the beaches, I work all day, and I read books. My weekends have been spent being lazy inside (thank you rain) and my week days are currently filled with 107 degree temps.

I’m stuck in a creative rut with no end in sight, I don’t know what to say or what you want to read. I’m sure once my life stops being filled with the same stuff day in and day out I’ll find my creativity again. I’ve got some half formed ideas floating around but no desire to work on expanding them. It’s the dog days of summer and I’m feeling as lazy as my dogs.

Favorite Links

I’m going to change things up a little this week and go with some links to my favorite blog posts, I’m may not be writing but I’m still reading. Jana talked about 12 Things I Don’t Do As A Parent, I’m pretty sure Jana is my long lost twin. Steph addressed all those things that have been happening lately we as bloggers usually avoid posting about in Thursday Thoughts Interrupted. It’s a touching and insightful post, go check it out! We’ve all read blogging posts about blogging but usually their get rich now or get a million followers posts, Jenn’s post about 6 Reason’s To Stay Small made me feel a lot better about some of my blogging decisions this year.

I hope you have a happy weekend!


August 19, 2014

It’s All About The Eyes

As I’m sure you know, I recently got a brand new little puppy to be my furry side kick. If you’ve read my About Me page (which could use a little freshening up) or been around for any amount of time you also know we have a blue eyed beauty we call Seven.

I mentioned in my previous post that Seven is a dog all her own, she doesn’t belong to anybody. Let me explain a little more and show you some cute pictures too! Tyson brought Seven home in July 2007, hence the name Seven. At the time we already had two dogs and I didn’t think we need another. Until I saw those eyes, I couldn’t turn away those baby blues. She was probably seven or eight weeks old at the time, the lady Tyson got her from had been bottle feeding her because her mother had rejected her. She didn’t bark for the first 4 months we had her, we weren’t even sure she could bark. She peed on the floor for at least 6 months, no matter what training method we tried.


We tried to teach her sit, fetch, and many of the other things Isis my yellow lab knew but Seven wasn’t interested in learning. She didn’t want to come inside at night when all the other dogs did unless it was raining; she’s always preferred to spend more time outside than in. She doesn’t bark when someone knocks on the door or walks by the yard, but if another animal comes by we all know it. She’s never met anyone who wasn’t her friend, she’s laid back and easy going but is very demanding when it comes to pets. She doesn’t every want to stop being petted, ever!


When Seven ended up being the only dog for a while it was even harder to convince her inside was nice. If it was too hot or too cold I’d have to chase her around the yard to catch her and make her come inside. The day I brought Mr. White Paws home she lit up with joy, she followed us right in the house to check out her new friend. Now she spends most days inside with me in my “office” enjoying the AC and play time with Salem but when night falls she still prefers to sleep outside while Salem prefers to be in.

We’ve always used the Discovery Channel I Love the Whole World song to describe her and her personality, as in Seven boom de yada’s through life without a care in the world. She’s like no dog I’ve ever met before but she’s out dog and we love her.

DSC_0715 - edited

One great thing about Seven is she’s always been a lady, she can’t learn to sit or fetch but she’s always sat with her paws crossed.


August 15, 2014

Seashell Chronicles 8/11

Happy weekend’s eve, is that a thing? I mean it should be right, weekend’s eve is almost as good as Christmas Eve.


Beach Happenings

// The picture above is of the sunrise over the marshy area between my neighborhood and the beach, on this particular morning it was low tide so the marsh mud was visible and the click of crab claws filled the air. I’ve decided if I can drag my butt out of bed at 6:15 AM every morning I love walking the dogs and watching the sunrise. The hard part is getting up if I can talk myself out from under the covers I can have a peaceful morning walk with the dogs.

// Tyson’s family was in town for their annual beach trip this week, on Tuesday evening they invaded my house. Imagine a two bedroom mobile home stuff with 5 kids, 9 adults, and two dogs. I had mentally prepared my introverted self so I had a good time, I did escape the crowd once or twice for a mental health break but I’m sure I wasn’t even missed.

// Starting September 8th Picture Practice will return on Monday’s! For a list of subjects and dates check out the Picture Practice page.

Favorite Links

We all like to write, right? Here are Journaling Ideas: 15 Things Every Woman Should Write Down Now. It wouldn’t be Friday without a link to something book related right? 15 Best Online Bookstores for Cheap New and Used Books, cheap being the key word here.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week!


August 13, 2014

Toilet Paper In A Tree

Hey look who showed up two days in a row! It’s Wednesday so of course it’s confession time.

// The only reason you read a post yesterday or today is because on Monday afternoon/evening I had the house completely to myself. I actually felt like blogging instead of procrastinating, I clearly need more me time.

// I just sang “I’m having a me party” in my head and I only know that song because it’s on Little K’s Muppet Movie.

// The neighborhood kids have built a “fort” in a tree behind my back fence and it annoys me, what annoys me the most is the toilet paper hanging off the tree branch. Why does an outside fort need toilet paper!?!


// The confession above makes me feel like the crazy old lady of the neighborhood and I can see myself chasing those kids away with a broom or some other household object.

// I seriously thought about watermarking that picture like I do all my others but if someone wants to steal the TP picture I think I’m fine with that. It’s not some of my better work.

// The master bath door is a pain in the ass to open but I don’t even try to fix it because it’s the only door in the house Little K can’t open.

// Even though I got a puppy I still keep looking at puppies for sale/adoption. Please give me all the puppies!

// I purposely don’t make eye contact with the neighbors when I’m outside so they won’t talk to me.

// I’m a bitter Betty about my inability to take a vacation this summer, the person who made the no vacation rule got to take one but not me.

// I haven’t found a gray hair in my head but I have a few gray eyelashes so glad mascara covers those weird little suckers up.

Vodka and Soda

What are you confessing this week?


August 12, 2014

Ice Cream by the Ocean

DSC_0724 - edited

I don’t drink coffee, tea, wine or any other of those things that bloggers have been having when they do their If We Had __________ posts. So my post is if we had Ice Cream by the Ocean, I like ice cream and I like the ocean. Besides this meeting was my suggestion so I get to pick the place, you can pick next time.

If we had ice cream by the ocean you would probably not be the first to show up, I have a thing about getting places 10 to 15 minutes early because when I was little we were always late. I’d probably suggest we meet at the ice cream place on the pier so we could sit above the ocean while we ate our ice cream.

I’d say hello and give you a hug but you would probably have to start the small talk, I’ve told you all before how awkward I am when it comes to small talk.

You might complain about the calories in the ice cream but I’d promise we could walk it off on the beach when we were done, there is nothing better than feeling the waves lap your toes and the wind blow through your hair while you walk.

Once I got into the conversational swing of things I’d want to hear all about your likes and dislikes when it comes to TV, books, and music. Hopefully we would find some likes in common that we could discuss.

I’d probably ask you about your job because I love to hear what others do in their chosen lines of work, I usually learn something about a profession I didn’t previously know if I ask.

I’d want to see pictures of your kids, pets, husbands, friends, or last vacation. I love to look at pictures and get the stories behind them. I’d probably bring my DSLR because you never know when a good photo is going to present itself and I’d definitely make sure we took a picture together before we parted ways.

I’d probably suggest our ice cream date be in the evening so we could walk on the beach at sunset after we finished our snacks. Evening is my favorite time to walk on the beach, the breeze is stronger and the light is always gorgeous.

After our walk we’d rinse off our feet and agree to meet again, I’d give you a hug goodbye and smile all the way home because I finally got to have ice cream by the ocean with a friend.


August 7, 2014

It’s Crossed My Mind

DSC_0099 - edited 3

// After the 5th visit and 4th replacement box maybe the cable will actually work.

// I’m looking forward to the twenty year high school reunion being planned but I’m not sure I’ll like some of those people any more than I did while I was in high school.

// The kids start school soon so I will have the beach almost entirely to myself in a couple of weeks.

// I hope I didn’t miss Salem waiting quietly by the door to go out I don’t want to clean up another piss puddle.

// What am I going to eat tonight, I’m tired of making food decisions can’t someone just give me food without the decision making?

// It’s only the first week of August yet bloggers are already talking about fall and fall related drinks, stop rushing summer out the door!

// Oh look the books I requested are at the library yayyy, damn it’s Wednesday so they closed at 1 PM.

// I want to walk the dogs this evening but I don’t want every kid in the neighborhood following me around because I have a puppy. Why are puppies so damn cute anyway?

// It’s time to clean and make a Goodwill trip again, where does all this shit come from?

// All I want to do is crawl in bed and sleep, where did my energy go?

// I wonder why 80 during the day feels cold but 80 at night feels hot, maybe I’m having early hot flashes.

// I just got my hair cut a month ago, where did all these split ends come from?

// eHarmony wants to find me a job? Why doesn’t anyone want to help adults find friends, I can find a job in a million places but where the hell do I find a local friend!?!

What’s crossed your mind recently?


August 4, 2014

A Girl’s Best Friend

I was 21 the first time I bought a puppy and brought her home to my own house, I named my little yellow lab Isis and she became my very first “baby”. Where I went Isis went right on my heels, she really was girl’s best friend. Other dogs came and went but none were my dog the way Isis was my dog. In October 2009 when I was 8 months pregnant and Isis was 11 years old I had to say good bye to her, her liver failed and we had to put her to sleep. I can still remember bawling on the floor as Tyson left to take her to the vet for the last time.

Isis 1

At the time I was getting ready to welcome a new baby and my broken heart couldn’t handle another dog even though I really wanted another dog. Actually I didn’t want another dog, I wanted my dog back but I knew that was never going to happen.

Eventually Seven, who is nobody’s dog really, was the only dog left. I say she is nobody’s dog because she doesn’t do anything anyone wants her to do but her. She doesn’t follow at anyone’s feet or have a loyalty to sleep by anyone’s bed. She doesn’t know sit or fetch and is either to dumb to learn or doesn’t care to learn, she never barks at strangers who try to enter the yard or knock on the door. She’s pretty useless but at least she’s cute.


For the last year or so Tyson kept mentioning that it was time to get another lab, a dog for me. I kept saying no, and at all those times it was the right answer. Little K wasn’t ready for a puppy and we couldn’t have afforded to have one anyway.

Eventually all his talking convinced me I did need another lab, Little K is potty trained and old enough to know how to treat a puppy nicely (even if she doesn’t always do it). I began my search, after scouring the pet section of Craiglist for weeks I found a face I couldn’t resist.

DSC_0720 - edited

So far Mr. Salem White Paws has made everyone happy, especially Seven who likes have another dog around to play with again. The potty training is hit or miss but more hits than misses these days, we have already learned to sit and walk on a leash, he follows me most everywhere I go, now we just need to teach him to enjoy the beach! He’s a lab so it shouldn’t take a whole lot of convincing.

Salem White Paws at the Beach 7.2014