October 31, 2014

Seashell Chronicles 10/27

DSC02422 - Edited

Beach Happenings

// On Friday mornings I get up early and go grocery shopping (it’s the only fully stocked tourist free time). Last Friday as I was driving home I noticed how beautiful the sky was so I drove right on my the road home and took myself to the beach to see. I was not even a little disappointed.

// Saturday we took Little K and her friend to the city wide Halloween event. Free games, free bounce houses, and free pumpkin painting. I love all the free local kids events they have here but I often wonder where the money comes from.

// On Wednesday I made non awkward small talk with two karate mom’s, I’ve been trying to think of something I can suggest we do with our kids so I can get to know them better but so far I’ve drawn a blank.

// Wednesday night I also carved Little K’s pumpkin per her specific design specifications, it’s not the most fancy pumpkin in the world but she thinks it’s the best ever!

Favorite Links 

Every once and a while I fall for one of those online quizzes, this week it was What Is Your Work Personality? I got Ice Queen - You work best alone and thrive on quiet downtime. And as for office happy hours? You’d rather hit your head repeatedly against a brick wall. It’s fine to be a loner, but you have to watch out for seeming standoffish and mean. Sounds like my yearly work review. These 25 Maps That Describe America are very interesting, especially the most famous books set in each state. Do you know where many of Halloween’s traditions originated from? The pagan holiday Samhain, read all about it in Samhain 2014: Facts, Dates, Traditions, and Rituals to know.

Have a happy and safe Halloween and I’ll check out all your Halloween pictures on Monday when you link up for Picture Practice.


October 30, 2014

Book Review: Peter Pan Must Die

*I received this book free from Blogging for Books, all opinions are my own.


From Goodreads: 

In John Verdon’s most sensationally twisty novel yet, ingenious puzzle solver Dave Gurney brings his analytical brilliance to a shocking murder that couldn’t have been committed the way the police say it was.
The daunting task that confronts Gurney, once the NYPD’s top homicide cop: determining the guilt or innocence of a woman already convicted of shooting her charismatic politician husband -- who was felled by a rifle bullet to the brain while delivering the eulogy at his own mother’s funeral.
Peeling back the layers, Gurney quickly finds himself waging a dangerous battle of wits with a thoroughly corrupt investigator, a disturbingly cordial mob boss, a gorgeous young temptress, and a bizarre assassin whose child-like appearance has earned him the nickname Peter Pan.
Startling twists and turns occur in rapid-fire sequence, and soon Gurney is locked inside one of the darkest cases of his career – one in which multiple murders are merely the deceptive surface under which rests a scaffolding of pure evil. Beneath the tangle of poisonous lies, Gurney discovers that the truth is more shocking than anyone had imagined.
And the identity of the villain at the mystery’s center turns out to be the biggest shock of all.

From Me:

When I requested this book I didn’t realize it was number 4 in a series, I don’t usually like to read series out of order but I gave this a go anyway. Other than not understanding references to other previous books and a few slow spots I really enjoyed this book. With several suspects even I wasn’t sure who did it until the very end although I was sure I had worked the case out. I will give this book 3 starts, if I had been following along with the series from the beginning it could have possibly earned 4.

What are you reading? What do you do to get past “slow” spots in books?


October 29, 2014

10 Ways Spot A Tourist

If you’ve been around at least a week you know that tourist’s are the bane of my Zen beach experience. If you live in an area where tourists visit on a regular basis I’m sure you can sympathize. Lets look some of the ways you can spot a beach tourist.

Spot a Tourist

1. No matter what time of year it is they are in the beach grocery store wearing their tank tops, shorts, and flip flops. Yes it’s the beach but when it’s 50 degrees outside it’s okay to put on clothes, really.

2. If they are from anyplace north of Ohio they are probably swimming too, even in February. The water temperature on today’s news was 65, I know that’s perfectly swimmable for some of you folks but we southerners prefer our water temps in at least the high 70’s.

3. They have a complete disregard for traffic laws and safety if they’ve missed a turn, gotten lost, or just aren’t sure. No, no you can’t turn left on a red light or turn right out of the left hand turn lane just because you’re a tourist use your common sense.

4. You see them walking around Walmart in their bathing suit and their shopping cart is full of beer and paper plates.

5. Their blocking traffic with their golf cart on a road that is suppose to be golf cart free, FYI if a police officer sees you doing it he’ll give you a ticket.

6. They ask the grocery store cashier where to get liquor on a Sunday, it’s not happening. If you didn’t buy it on Saturday before 7 PM you’re not getting it until Monday.

7. They are swimming by the pier where people are fishing, don’t do it or you’ll be in my next post 10 Ways to Spot Shark Food.

8. They stop walking in the middle of the boardwalk, shopping places, beach accesses, and anyplace else remotely interesting so they can take a picture, talk to their companions, or even just look around.

9. They are putting up unvented umbrellas on windy days, one gust of wind and that baby is going to turn into a deadly flying object capable of killing the nearest vampire or zombie. Spend a little more for the vent so we can all live.

10. They are throwing food to the seagulls on a beach full of people, STOP IT. DO NOT BE THIS PERSON!!!

Do you live in a tourist area? How do you spot a tourist?


October 28, 2014

What I Learned From Watching Someone Else’s Kid

I always try to learn something from new experiences, recently I’ve been watching a little girl the same age as Little K while her mother works. I never wanted two kids so having a second kid around on a regular basis has taught me some interesting and valuable lessons.

Someone's Kid

I love may daughter’s uniqueness. When this little girl started coming over she brought with her a love of all things girly. Princesses, clothes, hair, mirrors, and playing house. Little K wants nothing to do with any of it, she wants to look at her “book about almost everything”, do “science experiments”, and play tag. I’d much rather look at a “book about almost everything” than play princesses or house anyway.

My daughter is outgoing like her daddy but also needs her quiet time like her momma. The other day Little K’s playmate asked me where she was, I found her laying on my bed. When I asked her what she was doing she said she just needed some alone time and peace and quiet. Instead of making her go play I just said I feel ya girl mommy needs that too!

My daughter appreciates the special bond we have. After a week of sharing me with a new playmate we were both glad to have some one on one alone time this weekend. There was less naughtiness on her part and a lot more fun and play on my part, it’s much easier to have fun when your kid is not being naughty.

I’m not the only one who doesn’t want another kid. If I asked Little K today if she wanted her own little brother or sister to play with ALL the time I’m 95% sure she would say no thank you. She likes not having to share her stuff all the time, she likes being the center of attention, and she realizes that while it’s nice to have someone to play with sometimes; it would be a lot different having someone around to play with ALL the time.

My daughter behaves better after spending time with another little kid. I think she just wants to prove she nicer, better behaved, and more fun than the other little girl. I’ll just let her keep thinking she needs to prove that to me!

If your parenting style isn’t somewhat inline with mine we aren’t going to be friends. I like my kid, I like hanging out with her, and I do it a lot. If you choose to spend your off time in other ways that’s find, I can see the appeal but I won’t encourage it and I won’t join you. I believe it’s important for me to be present as often as possible where Little K is concerned.

Do you try to learn something new from new experiences? What was the last thing you learned?


October 27, 2014

Picture Practice: Glass

Glass was a LOT harder than I thought it would be, here is my most creative attempt at taking a picture of glass.


The middle part of a cool bottle picked up at the oyster festival.

DSC_0448 - edited

Glass vase with a bamboo growing in it and a star fish hanging on the outside.

How did you get creative with glass? Link up on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using the hashtag #picturepractice.

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October 24, 2014

Seashell Chronicles 10/20

DSC_0425 - Edited

Beach Happenings

// Last Saturday was warm and sunny so Little K and I put on our suits and headed to the beach for some soul cleansing. There were still a LOT of tourists for this time of year, it looks like I’m going to have to wait for January and February to get some tourist free beach time.

// Sunday it was cold, no suiting up for the beach but there was some scarf wearing at the oyster festival. The last time I got a big bucket of steamed oysters I was completely unprepared. I like my steamed oysters with crackers and butter, the oyster festival gives out neither. So Tyson and I packed up Little K’s butterfly lunch box with all our oyster eating necessities (butter, shuckers, onions, hot sauce, napkins, and crackers) and we ended up being the talk of the table.

DSC_0413 - Edited

// Tonight we’re headed to the karate Halloween party and tomorrow the city Halloween event, hopefully we get lots of my favorite candy.

Favorite Links

I’ve been working hard to make new friends here and I know a few of you have been doing the same in your areas, I really enjoyed 12 Reasons Why Making New Friends Is Hard And What You Can Do About It. I can totally get behind Why The Container Store Pays Its Retail Employees $50,000 A Year, more companies should take note. When I saw the article This App Improves Life in (Almost) Every Way I was skeptical until I realized I’ve been using this app. It’s one of my favorite apps and the part of the day I look forward to the most!

I hope you have a happy weekend and we’ll see you Monday for Picture Practice: Glass.


October 22, 2014

Conversations With My Brain

DSC_0247 - Edited

// I love this picture but what post would I use it in?

// I guess I’ll take a shower and put on pants today.

// Little K talking to Tyson under the bathroom door while trying to find me as I hid in the bathroom too.

K: Where is mommy?

T: I don’t know why don’t you go look in the living room

K: (long pause) For crying out loud.

// Why does the house smell like that delicious dinner at 3 AM? Now I’m hungry!

// Topics for karate mom small talk: Local Halloween happenings and are you from here (no one is from here).

// I wonder if occasionally watching another Little K age kid is a mistake or a blessing, guess we’ll find out.

// Why are there 3 people in front of me for a book I want from the library that was published in 2005, I should just order from half.com and be done waiting.

// I can’t wait until Christmas time so I can see my sister.

// I don’t really want to go to the grocery store, someone should start a grocery delivery service here.

// Who are all these people walking around and taking pictures of the house behind me? Maybe they are Craigslist scammers, I always wondered what one of them looked like.

// Now that the Beatle has a hippie name the Fusion needs a pirate name, I should work on that.

// Why are there still so many tourists on my beach? I want to find shells and walk in peace.

What are some of the random thoughts you’ve had lately.