July 21, 2014

Picture Practice: Favorite Color

It’s time for Picture Practice again, this week we are sharing our favorite colors. My favorite color is black, if wearing all black everyday were acceptable I’d be doing it. Since I’m not Johnny Cash it wouldn’t be as cool so I reluctantly add color to my wardrobe.

DSC_0702 - edited

Here is one of my favorite black things in the world, her name is Seven and those ice blue eyes get me every time.

DSC_0720 - edited

My other favorite black thing is Salem of course, he’s cute and funny. His little doggy personality shows itself more every day.

What’s your favorite color?

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July 18, 2014

Seashell Chronicles 7/7

Every week when I write the Seashell Chronicles I struggle with the intro paragraph so today you get to make up your own….moving on.

DSC_0284 - edited

Beach Happenings

// We had a family beach day last weekend! It doesn’t happen often since Tyson works most weekends but when it does we have fun. Little K was there too but you know I’m not showing you the whole family selfie, so you’ll have to settle for Tyson and I (and the photo bomber behind my head).

DSC02335 - edited

// Little K and I went to Sonic for  milkshakes the other night and in the process of buckling her into her car seat I got 7 or 8 fire ant bites on my right foot. Needless to say my foot is swollen and gross, I’m sure people look at it and wonder when it’s going to fall off because that’s what I wonder when I look at it. I’ll spare you the close up.

// Monday I’m going on another day trip with my sister before she leaves for Belgium on August 1st. This time we are heading to Southport, NC. It’s a cute little coastal town where they have filmed a ton of movies and TV shows including Safe Haven!

Favorite Links

In case you’re planning a trip to Six Flags here are 8 Things That Will Get You Banned From Six Flags, I don’t want you to waste a trip. I love words, so I couldn’t resist 16 Twitter Accounts for Word Nerds. As writer’s bloggers we might need Useful Online Resources All Writers Should Know About right? I like a good Epsom salt bath when my muscles are sore but I had no idea about these 11 Benefits of Epsom Salt Bath You Didn’t Know, makes me want to take a few more baths.  Last because I’m a Potterhead here are 12 Post Potter Revelations J.K. Rowling Has Shared, if you’re a fellow Potterhead you can appreciate the story behind the story.

Now just because I can’t get this song out of my head and I’ve proclaimed it my summer song for this year I’m putting it my post, because I can yo.

American Kids by Kenny Chesney on Grooveshark


Have a great weekend and even though I’m day tripping Monday we’ll still be doing Picture Practice so come link up!


July 16, 2014

What Gives Me the Happy’s

Everyone has things that make them happy, not big things like Christmas and Birthday’s but weird little things that wouldn’t necessarily make everyone’s heart sing with joy. So is a list of the things that make my heart sing and get me feelin’ Just Beachy!

// A book that hooks you by the first chapter and has you so enthralled you can’t put it down until you finish it.

// A candle that smells good burning on my desk while I work.

// A dog sleeping at my feet.

// A day on the beach that’s not to hot, not to cold, with very few people around.


// Finding the latest edition of HGTV Magazine or Better Homes and Gardens when I do my weekly shopping.

// Finding shorts/pants that fit both my waist and my ass, hello Lucky Brand I heart you.

// Hearing the waves crash on the shore when I leave my house early in the morning before the world wakes up.

// Having the house to myself, no kid, no man just me and my big comfy reading chair.

// Pretty new office supplies like pens, notebooks, post-it notes, and even paperclips.

// A refreshing shower after spending all day at the beach then coming home covered in salt and sand.

// Steamed oysters dipped in melted butter on top of a saltine cracker.

Oyster Festival

// Sleeping on freshly dried sheets.

// Looking through hundreds of pictures I just took to find the one or two that turned out perfectly.

// Cuddling first thing in the morning with Little K, you know before she really gets going and you can’t stop her.

What are some things that give you the happy’s?


July 15, 2014

Things I Googled

The great thing about Google is we can find out anything we want to know any time any place, I use Google a LOT especially on my phone if Tyson and I are sitting around talking. There’s always something that comes up in a conversation that requires a Google search of one kind or another, ALWAYS. Here are some of my recent Google searches:

// Frying Pan Bed and Breakfast – Someone bought the Frying Pan Shoals Lighthouse off the coast and is turning it into a B&B, of course I wanted to know all about it.

// Puppies Sleeping Habits – OMG now I remember what it was like to have a new born, I’m so glad puppy night crying is a much short experience than baby night crying. I need all the sleep, just gimme all the damn sleep now and no one gets hurt.

// Rodeo Girls – A short lived A&E reality series that Tyson and I liked, so far it has not been renewed. Boo I want my trash TV.

// Michelin Star Chefs Myrtle Beach/Charleston – The result of another Tyson/Kelli conversation while watching Hell’s Kitchen.

// States with the best and worst school scores – For a conversation between Tyson and his family.

// Indian food in my area – Ummm this is a no brainer, Indian food is delicious and I want some!

// Can I change my Snapchat user name – answer NO. Bite me Snapchat.

// Hurricane Hazel – Because when a hurricane is coming your way you check to see what the worst hurricane in the history of the area did damage wise.

What do you Google? Grab a button and link up!

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July 14, 2014

Picture Practice: Cold

It’s hot outside but today we’re cooling down with our cold pictures!

DSC_0705 - edited

My favorite summertime way to cool down is with a glass of lemonade!

DSC_0675 - edited

Little K’s favorite way to cool down, homemade lemonade pops!

What’s your favorite way to cool down? Grab a button and link up for Picture Practice.

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July 9, 2014

A Catch Up Conversation and Announcement

Oh hey there, remember me the girl who took an impromptu blogging break? I really intended to blog last week and I totally intended to blog yesterday but then well I just didn’t. I could make excuses about being busy and life but really I’m a professional procrastinator so why bother with lame ass excuses?

I thought I would spend today catching you up on all the things I’ve been doing while I haven’t been here hanging out with you. Kind of like if we met for lunch and as we’re talking you ask what I’ve been up to lately.

The last Thursday in June Little K and I checked out the Heritage Shores Nature Preserve which was on my Staycation Bucket List. It was a pretty place but hot as hell the day we went so not much fun (I’m not sure why the sea breeze left us high and dry), we’ll definitely go back but not until sometime in the fall.


On June 29th we went to check out the fireworks at what use to be my sister’s apartment, next year she’ll be in Europe so all the watching will be done at my house.

DSC_0283 - Edited

We took some walks on the beach at sunset because it’s to hot anytime before that to walk, I enjoy sunset even if I can’t see it over the water.


I survived my first hurricane while making several trips to the ocean to check out the wave situation, the waves disappointed but the sunrise did not.

DSC_0330 - edited

DSC_0305 - edited

We watched an airplane parade and more fireworks on the 4th of July.

DSC_0412 - edited

We had some guests stay Sunday night and I needed to get away from a packed house so I spent some time alone on the beach, I’m pretty sure it’s the first time I’ve been there alone since we moved here.


Last but not least we added this little cutie to our family, say hello to Salem (or maybe Sailor if Little K keeps mispronouncing Salem)!

DSC_0593 - edited

That’s what my busy life has looked like lately, and why summer rocks!

DSC_0308 - edited

PS – I’m co-hosting a link up with two Jessica’s (Please and Carrots and Adventures in Ginger Mommyhood) and I hope you’ll join in. Next Tuesday the 15th we want you to tell us about the craziest things you’ve Googled! We like to see what people Google to get to our blogs what are you Googling to get to someone else's? So grab a button and come link up!

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July 7, 2014

Picture Practice: Independence Day

We all enjoyed a long fun weekend so lets relive it a little on what’s sure to be long no so fun Monday. Here are my Independence Day pictures.

DSC_0419 - edited

There were a ton of people on the beach this weekend, many showing their American pride.

DSC_0416 - edited

The 5th Annual Salute from the Shore happened on the 4th, vintage military aircraft fly down the coast while people on the beach show their appreciation.

DSC_0452 - edited

Just another beachy way to show your American pride!

How did you show your American pride this Independence day? Link up now! We’ll see you next week for cold, nothing like thinking of something cool in the middle of summer!

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