October 20, 2014

Picture Practice: Out the Window

I spent a LOT of time looking out the windows at home, here are a few things I see!


DSC_0395 - Edited

DSC_0400 - Edited

(Yes that little shit monster is chewing on the porch)

What do you see out your window?

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October 17, 2014

Seashell Chronicles 10/13

Cherry Grove, SC

Beach Happenings

// As you can see above I watched the sunrise Saturday morning, Little K had been begging me all week to watch the sun wake up so Saturday morning we checked it out together.

// The rest of Saturday was busy busy busy, I signed Little K up for swim classes, ran 100 other errands, and found the table I’d been wanting in June from the thrift store marked down to $29 so I brought it home. I’m thinking I should paint a starfish or a sand dollar on the front.

DSC_0397 - Edited

// We spent Sunday Funday at The Shrimp Festival, it was nearly as big as the crab festival was in May but there was still good food and really why else do you go to a festival?

// I’ve been actively pushing myself out of my comfort zone and trying to make friends. I struck up a conversation with another karate mom Wednesday night and guess what, it wasn’t even awkward (pats self on back).

Favorite Links

It’s no secret I love books and if you read this blog it’s not secret my dream is to own a bookstore someday so you know I had to check out the 30 Most Beautiful Books Shops From Around the World. The bookstore in Detroit interests me the most because it’s the one I have the best shot of visiting. This video made local news this week because it’s only a short 3 hour drive north of where I live, I bet the sharks could get here much faster. The links are I enjoyed this week were few and far between so if you found something good that I missed let me know!

Have a happy weekend and I’ll see you Monday!


October 15, 2014

Introducing Moonbeam and How I Blew It

I haven’t joined the queen of confessing Kathy in a while so today I thought I’d confess some things and just get them off my chest. Also everything about this picture!

Where's Friday

// I told you a while back I would provide you a picture of Tyson driving our new blue beetle but then I started driving it everywhere, I even named it Moonbeam. You know a that car had to have a hippie name! I finally started driving my own car again this weekend and I’m so happy. I really missed having a good radio and more than one cup holder.

// As much as I love summer if it’s going to be fall I wish it would BE fall so I can turn off my AC permanently. There’s nothing better than sleeping with the windows open and screwing the power company out of a few bucks before you have to turn the heat on.

// There were several kids playing in the street a few weeks ago when I brought Little K home from karate, I may or may not have yelled at them like a crazy lady when they kept right on playing instead of moving out of the way so I could park.

// On a related note Little K told me when she goes to school and I pick her up I better behave so people don’t think I’m rude. I told her I’d do my best but I didn’t make any promises.

// Everyone in my house started getting up early which means I’m missing my early morning peace and quiet. I’m thinking of giving them Benadryl or something to help them stay asleep, I want my morning alone time back.

// I think that mother’s that look at baby pictures of babies and say they miss those times are nuts. Little K is SO. MUCH. FUN. right now. I prefer the company of an intelligent little person to the gibberish and babbles of a little baby.

// When people annoy me my favorite thing to call them these days is ass monkey, I like to be original.

// I had a chance to make small talk with a potential new friend the other day and I blew it, in my defense I was caught off guard by the excited zealousness with which she greeted me. I’m pretty sure I’ll get a second chance to make a good impression on this one.

What are you confessing this week?


October 14, 2014

Things I Learned From My Sister

One of my favorite people in the entire world is my sister, she’s about 18 months younger than I am and while there were lots of fights growing up she’s always been one of my best friends. As I was watching football on Sunday I started thinking about some of the things my sister has taught me that are so important in my life today.

Little Sisters

All About Football – When we were growing up I was the book reader and my sister was the TV watcher sports person (seriously do not play against her in sports trivia), every Sunday during football season I could be found with a book on the couch while my sister watched football on TV. I didn’t want to watch football it was boring and if my sister’s team lost she took it very personally which wasn’t a lot of fun. One day after my sister went away to college, I can’t really tell you when or why, I started watching and liking football. Not only had I read books while my sister was watching but every once and a while I’d ask a question too, as it turns out I learned something along the way because watching football is now one of my favorite Sunday pastimes.  Somewhere there is a picture of grown up Kelli and Karen where my sister is reading a book while I watch football at my mom’s house on a Sunday, quite a difference from the way it use to be.

How to Drive a Stick – When I got my license the car we owned that I was allowed and able to drive was a red Plymouth Reliant station wagon, sexy right!?! My mom had a purple Ford Ranger pick up truck but it was a stick shift and I didn’t know how to drive a stick shift. It wasn’t that my mom hadn’t tried to teach me, she had but two very impatient stubborn people (I get it all honestly) doesn’t make for a great teaching/learning situation so I was stuck with the station wagon. When my sister got her license she picked up on how to drive a stick shift much faster than I did (it should be noted here my sister is neither impatient or stubborn), so I asked my mom to let Karen teach me how to drive. Where my mom yelled at me out of impatience my sister laughed and made fun of me because that’s what siblings do. After a week or so I was a stick shift pro and no long chained to the station wagon. I still drive a stick shift to this day and won’t buy a car with anything else!


Being “Different” is Awesome – Growing up I was always the girly girl and my sister was the tom boy, I liked Barbie's and dolls while she liked baseball and cars. When I say she liked baseball I don’t mean she just liked watching baseball, I mean she liked playing baseball. Not softball with the girls, that was my sport. My sister joined the local Little League team and played baseball right along side the boys. Not only did she play baseball she chose to play catcher, having played softball I know being a catcher takes a special kind of bravery not everyone has. There were definitely ignorant close minded players and parents who said mean hurtful things to my sister and I did my best to tell each and every one of them off. My sister though, she just kept playing baseball and doing what she wanted to do despite the fact it wasn’t the norm because being different is awesome!

What important lesson’s have you learned from your siblings?


October 13, 2014

Picture Practice: Favorite Meal

Today we’re showing off our favorite meal/food, some of my favorite things are seafood. Thanks to the Shrimp Festival on Sunday I got pictures of both for you today!

DSC_0383 - Edited

Shrimp before being turned into the delicious meal below.

DSC_0386 - Edited

Shrimp after being turned into a delicious Calabash style plate!

What are your favorite food/meals?

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October 10, 2014

Seashell Chronicles 10/6

Vereen Memorial Gardens

Beach Happenings

// Last Saturday Little K and I went to Vereen Memorial Gardens (pictured above) for a picnic. We spent more time exploring and picture taking than we did picnicking but it was still a lot of fun.

// I mailed my check to attend my 20 year high school reunion, I’m pretty sure I just graduated a few years ago and someone’s math is way off. The days are slow but the years are fast, I’m not sure how that works but it’s the truth.

// After a little bit of research I downloaded the Stop, Breathe, & Think App for it’s “happiness tracking” and guided mindfulness meditations. Did you know that mindfulness meditation has a TON of great benefits for your physical and emotional health? I’m down for trying anything that’s free if it’s suppose to improve my overall wellbeing that I can do in my own home on my own schedule.

// If you don’t follow me on Instagram you’re a meany head you don’t know my sister visited Anne Frank’s secret annex in Amsterdam and sent me a replica diary with 19 pages about Anne Frank and 192 blank pages as well as 3 postcards showing the inside of the Annex since there were no pictures allowed when she toured. This might be my favorite place in the world she’s traveled so far.

// On Wednesday morning I got up before the sun to watch the eclipse, I got a decent picture of the blood moon so it was totally worth it.

 Blood Moon October 8, 2014

Favorite Links

Free books or 13 Ways to Get Books Free, we all love books and we all love free so there you go. I’ve been doing Happiness Science research recently so I was all about 10 Ways to Be Happier, Backed by Science, I’ve been trying a few of these and I feel happier! I’m not sure I’m as brave as This Guy Is Going To Grab Coffee With Every Single One Of His 1,000 Facebook Friends, I do have a list of several Facebook friends I want to meet up with though.

Don’t forget Picture Practice on Monday, it’s a food theme so I know you a l have the material to link up!


October 7, 2014

On Friendship


Moving to a new place where you don’t know anyone can really put your life and what’s important into perspective for you. A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post called I Choose Happy, in that post I told you I read The Happiness Project until chapter 6 and stopped. Today I tell you Chapter 6 is Make Time For Friends and the reason I stopped was because I felt like I didn’t have any friends and it made me sad and lonely.

Lately I’ve been giving friendship a LOT of thought (thanks to The Science of Happiness class and an article linked by Steph about old friends), nothing like not having friends around to realize you need to have friendships with people that don’t live with you and that you are not related to. I say I don’t have friends but I think that is the furthest thing from the truth although that’s how I was feeling at the time. I have friends but I have failed to nurture those friendships over time and keep those most important people close to me and for that I am truly sorry.

I took for granted some of the people that have known me the longest and loved me despite my abundance of flaws. People who can someday give my daughter an idea of the person her mommy is/was, not the mommy but the actual person. (Who knew are parents were people too?) People who know things about me I’ve probably long ago forgotten.

I hope it’s not to late to reconnect with these friends and show them how much they mean to me. I’m going to read chapter 6 of The Happiness Project, I’m going to make time for friends new (if I ever find any) and old, I’m going to blow past my social awkwardness, my innate nature to be an introvert, and I’m going to be conscious about how I interact with others when in face to face situations (which means no hiding in the corner watching and listening to everyone else).

How do you stay connected with your friends new and old?