February 28, 2013

Sick with Kids

We all know it's no fun being sick, it's especially not fun for me as there is no I'm a little sick. There is I am not sick or I am so sick they could start a sport called Extreme Sick and I would win, if you think I am exaggerating just ask one of the few people who have seen extreme sick.

I have never been extreme sick with a toddler before and it was less fun than usual. First my baby girl loves me and doesn't get to see nearly enough of me so when I am home she wants to be right by my side. Well when you spend 15+ hours on your hands and knees before the porcelain god (I have the rug burns on my knees and tops of my feet from the bathroom rug to remind me of that fun) it's not exactly the cuddle party she was hoping for. During one of my trips back to bed from visiting said porcelain god I came across a little brown eyed girl standing in the hallway outside the bathroom of our crappy apartment with little hands fisted on her hips and big brown eyes looking at me like WTF mommy. So I tell her I love her she says I love you too mommy good night and goes back to her bed.

Not only does she want to be with me she needs a bath, we are now going on day 5 with no bath. What can I do? Unless you all know of a way to bath my child well I lay on the floor she is just going to have to be dirty for another few days. Daddy can give her a bath but he wants nothing to do with those special curls on top of her little head and they need a bath too.

Mommy is working on getting better; I am even eating the nasty bananas like the doctor said. I am trying to take it easy and not push to fast but I feel like I am wasting away lying in this bed and I'm never going to get better.  I am waiting on a few more test results which could take up to two weeks (!?!) to get back but so far all they can tell me is low potassium. I sure can't wait to be on my feet working, playing and blogging up a storm again!

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  1. I've seen your 'extreme sick'.....it's not a good thing. I hope you get feeling better soon....and I know Little K hopes so too. I have to work tomorrow night, but I could come give her a bath in the morning, if that would help you. (Aunt Lynn)