March 23, 2013

A Place to Live

Next week is the big week, time to move to the beach! It's a good thing my sister is nice enough to let us stay with her because what I have learned about relocating is unless you want to live in a traditional apartment complex landlords are not willing to rent to you until you have physically viewed a property and sending your sister to check it out for you is not good enough.

Neither Tyson nor I really want to live in a traditional apartment complex, too many people and not enough dog friendly space. I am not deterred! I have a list of 3 properties we are willing to rent and I am going to look at every single one as soon as I can after we arrive.

What I am excited about is the rating of the schools in the area. In our current location all the schools in neighborhoods we can afford to live in are rated 5 and below out of 10. All of the schools at the beach are rated 5 and above with the high school being an 8! When I was child free I never gave schools in my neighborhood a second thought, now that I am a mommy with a child 3 years away from kindergarten (OMG! NO!) schools are very very important to me.

I've also checked out the libraries in the area and the two libraries closest to our location offer toddler story time on two different days! (Another lesson I have learned: Story time at libraries are not set at times and days when working mothers can attend). We will be attending one if not both story times each week!

I am looking forward to being a stay at home mommy, once we find a place to live I am ready to hit the ground running!

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  1. I'm so happy you found a place. I can feel it in my bones....this is going to be an awesome thing for all of you. I love you!

    Aunt Lynn