July 16, 2013

Why HGTV Makes Me Want to Swear

If you are a blog follower or a follower of my blog on Twitter you know I am so addicted to HGTV, as much as I L-O-V-E watching some home decorating entertainment there are times when I find myself yelling at homeowners or home buyers like I’m watching Sunday football. What pisses me off so much about the people HGTV you ask? Well let me just tell you:
  • Just because a room is a color you don’t like doesn’t mean you can’t buy the house anyway. That’s totally why they make paint in colors you DO like!
  • Even if the kitchen does not have stainless steel appliances and granite countertops (gasp!) you can still cook your meals in it, they won’t even taste funny.
  • You just spent $50,000+ over your budget to buy a home!?! Sure hope you love Ramen Noodles!
  • If you are looking for a home with “American” conveniences don’t move abroad, they probably don’t have the “American” conveniences you are looking for and if they do you will complain about it anyway because you are looking for “charm” and the “quintessential            ” house. (use the blank for country of your choice).
The eye roll
  • I know the house has no “man cave” but since it has bedrooms, bathrooms, and a kitchen you could probably still live there very happily.
  • You had $40,000 for a reno yet you don’t understand why you can’t have your kitchen, bathroom, and basement done as well as your roof lifted to create a second story.
  • No garbage disposal or dishwasher does not mean you check a house off your list, it means you throw your crap in the trash can and wash your dishes in the sink.
  • You complain because the wall you want removed is going to cost an extra $2500 to make it safe but don’t blink and eye at the extra $8k you just spent on a chef grade stove?
I could probably go on but I won’t, what’s something that annoys you about your favorite TV channel/show?


  1. Sooooooo true!!!!

  2. Quite real. I guess that's why I cannot watch too much daytime tv even though I'm home most of the time. I'd love to see you pic next to one of Liz Lemon's typical eye rolls! :)

  3. Yes, yes, YES! I wish I could reach through the television and slap the next person who says, "I can not live with that carpet!"

    Aunt Lynn

  4. You must have been watching the same episodes I was watching the other day! They were moving to Germany "on a budget" and ended up paying $300 over their "budget" in rent to live by a river when the 2nd rental choice was clearly a better choice with more room!

    Where do they find these people??


  5. Just found your post from Weekend link up! I agree it's so silly yet I can totally spend all day having an HGTV marathon...aaaand I watch at the gym. But I totally agree- why can't they buy the house they love even if its painted a color they don't like?!

  6. I find this to be hilarious and oh so true. Also, those guys who are all about their "man cave", need not to be procreating. I'm serious. I saw this one guy last night on TV ('cause now there is a whole show dedicated to the attainment of this hallowed and glorified "Boys Only No Girls Allowed" room) and he's all "Now I'm happy! I got my man cave, my wife and kids can stay upstairs…", and he's wearin' this big,sh*t eatin' grin. Gag.

  7. YES! To everything.

    The people who complain about paint make me want to tear my own face off.