Keystone Candles Take Me To My Favorite Place…

I admit that I wasn’t always into having candles in my home. I used to think that they were unnecessary, but I have realized just how wrong I was over the years. I got my first candle when I moved into my new apartment. I put it on the dining room table, not thinking that it would make much of a difference in my dining room area.

My roommate and I lit the candle for the first time and I was amazed at the fresh lemon fragrance that filled the whole space. It was a fragrance that we couldn’t help but notice and it filled not only the dining room area with a fresh scent, but the scent went into the living room space as well. The scent instantly lifted our spirits and made us feel energized and alive.

Even when the candle was out, we could still feel its presence. The aroma could be sensed when near the candle and I enjoyed coming near the dining room table, just to get a little bit of a lift for my day. That first candle was a Keystone one and now we have been enjoying getting lots more Keystone candles for our home. We love to put them inside a lantern or on a pretty candle stand.